tomos moped a35manual and parts

I Need a manual (service and repair) for a 1995 tomos targa lx with the a35 motor. I would like one similar to the one is offering for 49.99. at a lot less. I would accept really good photo copies if nothing else. please write me tell me what you have . I need a lot of parts for my bike as well. anyone selling Tomos parts please contact me . I will put you in my portfolio. I currently need

a drive sprocket

a rear wheel sprocket

a low gear clutch

a part in the motor I can only describe (behind the right pedal arm?)

a left pedal arm and pedal

a kick stand

some odds and ends.

Re: tomos moped a35manual and parts

Hi, When I went searching for the very same thing you are looking for for my 99 Targa LX I came upon a CD rom version of it on ebay for $18.00. I didn't get it because I'm still holding out for a cheaper paper manual, but in the end I might have to cave and go with the CD version.I found it by just using the word Tomos in the ebay search box. Maybe you wouldn't be as subborn as I'm being and this could hook you up. HTH....David

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