Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

anything(moped related) in the picture is for sale...i will part out, trade, sell, and/or ship everything but the frames...take it all for $500 or ask what you want and i'll give you individual prices...

note: the engine on the black targa WILL at least go 50mph with its current setup: airsal, more opened reed valves, bored intake, 15:15 dellorto sha(70 jet), and a bi-turbo and/or techno hunter...sam zubel can vouch for me

note 2: i have all the fairings but my camera died before i can take pictures of them so i will let it recharge and take pics of the fairings tomos

theres more parts as well, so just ask what you need and we'll work out a reasonable price


more pics

more pics


Re: more pics

one more


Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

how much do you want for this airsal, more opened reed valves, bored intake, 15:15 dellorto sha(70 jet),

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

My Tomos is A 1999 lX with the A35.I need the following

Rt side crank arm and pedal

1st and 2nd clutches


Headlamp Assy. (missing)

Eventually I'll find the front fairing for this baby with the square headlight but a'll take anything for now,just as long as it fits

Mirrors/ one or both

dwfishwish@yahoo.com..Thanks please LMK

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Toilet Tuner /

do you have the stock carb? and i need a throttle assembly

gimme gimme!

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

itcob69: do you want the cylender head and engine too?

David: i have all that you want the front fairing is orange and is one off of a tomos sprint...the little one, looks like this:

you still interested? gimme an offer

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

and no, i dont have a stock carb, but i have a throttle assembly $10 plus shipping and its yours

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

i need a swing arm please. i would also like an intake if you got one?

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

i have a bent intake and would you like a black or orange swing arm?

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

itcob, if your lookin for performance parts i also have a 20 tooth rear sprocket

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

I need the bolts for the upper triple clamps, axle nuts, motor mount bolts, centerstand and the spring, and the coil.

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

whats the coil? and how do i get to it? i have everything else for ya

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Hi Evan, yes I'm more then interested. Let me know what you want and consider it a done deal. Like I said I've got lot of stuff to trade if you'd like just LMK what you are into. If not give me a $$ and I'll send it aong.You'd be amazed at the stuff that is around here. Most of all I really need a list and a price of what you can supply me with. I also don't know if the motor you have is going in parts or as a whole. I'm thinkingh that since my clutch side chain seems to have an abnormal amount of slack in it I'll be looking for that to,if you are going to go that route. All and any parts are appreciated. Give me a number and we will work it out. Contact me any way you can.

I check this site often




Since my fairing and headlamp Assy. is actually missing as well as the horn please do not discard any attaching bolts or brackets to get this thing together

As I mentioned I have lots of stuff and limited cash, however I come up with what I need to to make this deal work for both of us. I thank you in advance for all of your help and consideration...David

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

david, hows $60 plus shipping

that includes the clutches

crank arm and pedal

horn (w/ mount + bolts)

headlamp assembly (i just got a brand new lense 2 weeks ago wich was $25 and i'll give you a one beam bulb)

the front fairing

and one mirror

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Hi Evan, That sounds more then fair. Let me know what the shipping will be to Ct. zip code 06705 and I'll send you out what ever you need.Here is my comlete address:

David Weinstein

264 Scott Rd unit #10

Waterbury, Ct. 06705

Let me know if there anything you care to swap or trade and we can adjust accordindingly.

If not, I'll just send you the $$ which as I said is more hen fair..Thanks A bunch...David

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

The CDI unit thats bolted to the frame, it connects to the spark plug boot. I think $20 shipped?



Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

And when I said the upper triple clamp bolts I also need the cap nut if you got it.



Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

david: it will cost $8 for shipping if my paypal email address thing is xxievanixx@aol.com (do you think you can help me out and explain how i actually get the money from paypal? does it just transfer to my bank?)

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

I sent you an email about it. thanks

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Evan why are u selling everything? u know ill want some of those parts, probabaly ur 15 carb and shit illl talk to u later nonight.


p.s = the engine is incredible fast fastest im ever riden, crazy with the hunter exhaust, trust me

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

How much for the engine?

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

which part? for everything: top end, carb, intake, and tranny i'll do $200....thats if itcob doesnt want those parts and if sam doesn't want the carb

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

yo evan sign on aim cause i wanna talk to about ur parts cause i want a lot of shit.

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Evan, I'll send out a priority M.O to you and you'll have the cash in a couple of days just let me know where to send it and it's a done deal. Let me know on this board or at my email;. Ilso give you my cell # here..Thanks..David

cell# (203)768-3059

email: dwfishwish@yahoo.com

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

david: you can send it to 19 stoneybrook rd, montville nj, 07045

parts sold so far:

1. frame

2. swing arm

3. forks

4. seat

5. oil storage (not the white one, the black one)

6. both fenders

7. tail light

8. round light speedo housing

9. side covers?

10. lugage rack?

11. speedo + cable

12. break assemblies

13. other swingarm

14.Rt side crank arm and pedal

15.1st and 2nd clutches


17.Headlamp Assy. (missing)

18.front fairing


Re: parts sold so far:

the frame and swingarm, fenders, seat all that is from the black targa btw. and its mine =]


Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Thanks Evan It will be on its way today..Thanks again

D. Weinstein

264 Scott Rd. Unit 10

Waterbury, Ct 06705

Re: Lots of Tomos Parts F/S

Evan how about those parts I asked for?

upper triple clamp bolts w/ cap nut and washer underneath of the clamps.

axle nuts

motor mount bolts

centerstand and the spring


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