1980 50V Motobecane Chains

Hi, just got a 1980 cane 50V, needs both chains. Anybody out there have them(in good condition). Thanks for your HELP!!!!

Re: 1980 50V Motobecane Chains

Just got a 1980 50v cane. Need a Drive and Pulley Chain any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Re: 1980 50V Motobecane Chains

Jerry Franek /

I have the left side (power side) chain, if you need it. Rusty, cheap.

Re: 1980 50V Motobecane Chains

Thanks for the offer, just got both chains.!!!

Re: 1980 50V Motobecane Chains

themopedjunkyard.com I got a new drive chain packed in oil filled plastic for like 27.00 shipped in case yours are too beat up try them...remember s shitty chain will consume sprokets in short order..plus make unnessary friction..people said i paid too much but I'am very happy with the results!

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