WTB: Honda PA50 (Camino) Mag Wheels

Ok, I know its a long shot - but dammit... I want mag wheels for my Honda Hobbit PA50II - In Europe, known as the Camino.

I see them on Dutch websites constantly, so I know that they are common enough that somewhere on this planet, someone has a set they wanna part with. The only time I see 'em for sale, it's ebay france or germany or sweden, and I can't read the shit.

I will pay HUGE.

I've attache a photo of a Camino sporting the mag wheels I want.

Anyone who can get a set, or read www.camino-tuning.be and tell me where to look, I will be forever grateful.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Re: WTB: Honda PA50 (Camino) Mag Wheels


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