!979 A3 Salebrate good times.

I got it for 50$ from some dirtbike place in Indiana. It's more or less complete lests give it 93%.

Not stuck or anything like that. I just got a new starter coil from B.J. at Handy Bikes for 29.99. So that's included. Tires are so so. I weigh 290 and have sat on a few times. Didnt blow up or anything like. that.

Tanks in great shape nice frame. Rims are a little Rusty. Asking 60.00$ or so.

I'll deliver whever you want me to for .50cents a mile.

Or trade me something. A running yet ugly ped would be fine.

Re: 1979 A3 Salebrate good times.

better format.


Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

$60? Man if I was closer I'd take that!

Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

i don't suppose you'd deliver it to northern Michigan? I live in Harbor Springs, bit south of the Mackinaw Bridge. if so, i'm interested! let me know.


Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

E-mail sent.

Long story short...Yes.

Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

You can't be willing to drive a $60 ped to the top of the mitt without a good story. What is it? It better be really good.

Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

There isnt much of a story. I'm trying to stress the .50 a mile . I like driving to places I've never been.

But if you want to get interesting....

I'm a professional eater by choice. (no not very good) and I've found driving 800miles or so just to eat 6-7lbs of rib meat is actually quite satisfying.

Even more unusal about me...I once drove from Cincinnati to New York City. Just to see it. And why not. Waht else would I do... really. Sit down watch television. Eat some Ramen Noodles and maybe go out with frinds and talk in a room somewhere.

I'd rather go out and do "weird" stuff.

Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

is it still available? and could it be shipped? i live in rochester ny please let me know


Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

I am very interested in this bike. Live in lower MN, could give you 7 lbs plus of meat, seeings how my dad owns a reseraunt in town. Email me or post back, I'd love this bike! Maybe even could afford the .50 a mile! Probably prefer the meat though! So, get back and we could work something out. Also, does it have a title?

Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

Sorry guys, we exchanged bikes earlier this week.

Re: !979 A3 Salebrate good times.

Thanks Jeff. Didnt think the old post would surface.

But several pounds of meat......perhaps I'll buy it back from you.


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