WTB. Moby rims

I need two sets of motobecane rims if anyone has any.



Re: WTB. Moby rims

hey man

i have a set off a 50v motobecane. front wheel has a patch

of rust about 1 inch by 2 inch. water was sitting there for awhile. the rear is fine. no tires on either.

shipping is killer expensive for wheels. what kinda price are

you looking at?


Re: WTB. Moby rims

Are the bearings in good shape?

do they spin freely?

how much do you think shipping would be??

i have never mailed rims before.


Re: WTB. Moby rims


if i packed them real well in a big box shipping would

probably not be more than $20.00..........wait, where do

you live. i always get killed when i ship stuff to pacific northwest or new england.

front wheel spins free...i guess the bearings are ok there.

the back i cant spin ....maybe because the chain is

rusted solid. i think bearings are pretty easy to change


i would take $30.00 for both wheels. then you pay shipping.

i am parting out a whole running chassis for a 70s

motobecane 50V so if you need anything else let me


i will also trade for any puch, vespa or derbi moped

engine parts you have.



Re: WTB. Moby rims

Sell. engine. me. For. Real.

How does $40 sound?

Re: WTB. Moby rims

Maitland Of the Loin /

I am also selling a set of moby rims. If I look around I could find the brake hubs, but otherwise they are without the hubs.

email me if you are interested

Re: WTB. Moby rims

I got a Moby wheel on eBay shipped to me in a black trash bag with stamps all over it. No joke!! See how much it costs to ship ghetto style.


Re: WTB. Moby rims

Check E-bay thought I saw a set on there just 2 nights ago!

Re: WTB. Moby rims


sorry, I have not been on here in a while..

I live in baltimore Md..21211.

see how much it cost and I will mail you a money order.


Re: WTB. Moby rims

Jerry Franek /

I have front and rear wheels on my 79 50V here in York, PA. Pics available if you would like to see them. Off a parts bike. Look pretty good, spin freely. I may be driving by Baltimore on my way to DC next week and could drop them off. PM me if interested.

Re: WTB. Moby rims


give me a little time to pull the wheels off and get them

boxed up to go to UPS to weigh them and shoot you a price.

also, do you want the brake hubs and axles too?

should get you a price by saturday....hopefully.


Re: WTB. Moby rims


that would be great. When were you coming through this way?

or I could come pick them up....

or if you stop by here and look and see if I have any parts you might need,, I have 3 motobecane parts bikes that I am trying to get one out of... so maybe we could trade, or i could just buy the rims from you.


Re: WTB. Moby rims

Do you need a 4th?? I have one for $30. motor turns over.. No carb. Chains are in rough shape. Has rust. I believe it's a 70 or 79 50v

Let me know and I'll get you pics if your interested.

I live in Bowie, Md.


Re: WTB. Moby rims


any rims out there??

Re: WTB. Moby rims


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