1980 AMF Roadmaster

michael lawson /

i have a 1980 AMF Roadmaster with all parts! it's taken apart, but everything is there! great to fix up or use parts on existing bike! frame is straight and little rust! same goes for everything! need to sell fast! asking $50! drop me a line. i live in fullerton, ca and pick-ups are welcome!

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

wish you didnot live on the other side of the contry, ive been wanting one of them silly lil amf things

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

If im not mistaken, the '80 only came with the minarelli motor...ie. the one that didnt totally suck.


scratch that. they made the c110 in 1980 as well....

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

top tank?

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

Very, Very, Very interested. I live in Redding, so unless your planning on comming up north soon, then shipping will be needed. Do you have any clue of about how much it would be.



Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

hello sold; ill take the lil moped and pay shipping to my Buisness. if you will Box it up in 2 boxex;pack well so as to keep damages down. insure. ill send you the Money to do all this. send me Pic. and ill finish the deal my email gopeds2@yahoo.com jC

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

so is this the one with a real motor, or the one with the little wheel that rubs the tire?

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

NailheadRocketman /

Those tire rubber bikes had lots of problems. Also, the frame on the early AMF Roadmasters were flimsy. It was a bicycle with thin rear forks and no top tube. There was one good Roadmaster that had an actual frame and gas tank, cant remember what year it was though.

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY interested I llive in the antelope valley bout an hour away!!! Few questions though. How is the motor? ANy pics? All the lights etc there?

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