1980 AMF Roadmaster


Looking for a "service manual" (including the BHE 900 McCulloch engine) for specifically that year (1980 - as it features the "clutch cable" directly actuated from the handlebars -) as well as for a "reliable source" of NOS (or used) parts (just in case needed) for it. ASAP would be deeply appreciated.

Max B. Dupont ("maxdupont@msn.com"), 94123 (San Francisco, CA)

Re: 1980 AMF Roadmaster

I have read that you can get parts from this bicycle shop:

R & D (812)-384 3612

There is a manual for the 76,77,78 BHE 900 on ebay...search AMF Roadmaster Manual...don't know if that will help you though.

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