1996 Tomos Targa for sale!!!

I am selling my 1996 all black Tomos targa. RUNS PERFECT

* i have all legal papers and it is currently tagged.

it runs great , has performance exhaust.

-break lights, headlight, and horn all work (only thing that doesnt is the turn signals.

located in Orlando Florida (near ucf)

i weigh around 190 and got it up to 45mph!!! my 100lb friend got it way faster. only mod done on it was the turbo exhaust.

email: caseygreen04@gmail.com

AIM: whiterastaboy16

phone: (727) 542-3584

thanks ~casey

I have painted it since i took this attached pic, email me for more.


Re: 1996 Tomos Targa for sale!!!

forgot to metion, i am asking $550 obo

Re: 1996 Tomos Targa for sale!!!

can u send me pictures to suprasized27@aol.com

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