OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

Schecter C1-EA Electric: 2004, Grover tuners, Seymour Duncan pickups, Tone-Pro's Bridge, neck-thru, flame-top maple, F-hole design, 1 volume, 3 tone, dual output jack, 1 for electric, 1 for Piezzo Pickup in bridge for acoustic-simulation. Beautiful guitar, plays amazingly, only gigged 3 times. No dents, dings, or scratches. Comes with Hard-Shell Case.

Asking 550 firm.

Hondo Elite Hard-Rock: Custom guitar, Dimarzio X2N bridge pickup, single volume, new 1/4th jack, rosewood fretboard, medium frets, new tuning heads, new bridge saddles. Plays amazingly definately a hard-rock/punk/emo guitar. Black with gray stripe.

Asking 175 firm.

Stratocaster: Non-Fender. Oak body, maple fretboard and neck, large frets, new saddles, tremelo bridge, new 5-way selector, new 1/4th jack, new bridge pickup. Cream white. Beautiful guitar, minor dings, minor scratches. Plays like new. Compare to any Fender no problem. Great first guitar.

Asking 120 firm.

For an extra $25, I'll throw in a Dean Markley 45 watt practice amp w/10 foot cable so you can start rocking right away.

For any pictures, or questions, please contact me directly.


AIM DannyMoped07

Thanks a lot for looking.


Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

dude, you can get that squier strat for less than that new. your nuts

Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

does it run?

how many miles on it?

2 stroke?


Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

not funny?

Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

It's NOT A SQUIRE... it's a NON-FENDER.. Much better construction that a Squire. It's a sub-division Dean maker from the 80's.

No, not especailly funny. But clever. Keep it up.


Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

Well the fact that you refered to it as non fender and stratocaster led me to think it was a squier. A non-fender could be anything, and im aware a strat is a typical design. But be a little more specific, every iten has some type of brand/make no matter how small it is.

Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

its a genuine korean made Squender Splatocaster!

Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

Just bought my daughter a Daisy Rock Butterfly.

Re: OT: FS: 3 Electric Guitars!

squiers aint that bad... other than the stock electronics being shit ..my friend has one with some MIJ strat pickups I donated to him and some decent tuners and we shielded it and it friggin screams........hes got like 60 bucks in it

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