moped 300 and under needed

in nj and within 50 miles or hopewel nj 08525 but will travel a little farther for a great deal anything 300 aNd under, please post picture asking price and mods and broken things

Re: moped 300 and under needed

Theres Moped Warehouse in Jersey, they wont ship, but they have some rare bikes for 150 and under. I checked them out and if only I were in the Eastern seaboard right now, i would buy one and take it back with me to minnesota. They have Indians, some Puchs and even some rare things I have not seen before, real 80s styled things. All need things like new tires, carb work and possibly bearings.


Re: moped 300 and under needed

when will the update their website because i can't go unless i find a moped that i like, i would like to get in contact with someone who is in with this place so i can see whats for sale

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