does anuone have any saddlebags to sell me.

Re: saddlebags

I do, olive drab with leather loops to attach to your rear rack. Very durable, waterproof vinyl outer shell and canvas inner bag. I've attached a pic. $29 for a set of two, including shipping.

Email me if you're interested at x94cherry at yahoo dot com.


Re: saddlebags

steveintoronto /

....which were purchased for $2.00 each. i bought the same ones. in truth, they're kind of shite. they're awkward to get in and out of, and they don't really afix at the bottom.

if you want something cheap and functional i'd go to 'mountain equipment co-op.'

good luck though gabe, ya sheister.

Re: saddlebags

Actually, these were purchased for significantly more than $2 each, if they were I'd be selling them for a lot less. In my experience, people have been very happy with them. I'm sorry that wasn't the case for you, even though it sounds like you found a great deal.

Thanks anyway for the input, I'll be sure to return the favor when you have something to sell.

Re: saddlebags

for 30 bucks i would buy regular moped saddlebags off ebay, that would be exactly what you need.....I found a set of small leather motorcycle saddlebags for like 15 bucks that worked perfect

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