WTB Homoet 8P

Anybody out there have one they are looking to sell?

Re: WTB Homoet 8P

WTF is that?

Re: WTB Homoet 8P

its a super fast puch performance pipe thats designed for a 75cc cylinder with an angled exhaust port like the gilardoni or the 80cc metrakit.

Re: WTB Homoet 8P

I'm actually using it on a NOS zeta 75cc kit. The exhaust port on this thing is huge. The stud width (distance between) is a mm or two wider than those on a polini or athena kit. Is it the same way with the Metrakits?

Re: WTB Homoet 8P

I posted this some time ago. No takers as of yet.




Re: WTB Homoet 8P

is there anybody out there?


Re: WTB Homoet 8P

its a rarely bought pipe in america dude, most likely you are going to have to buy a new one. buying a used performance exhaust is risky too. 90% of the time there is a reason someone is willing to part with it. the other 10% are selling because they upgraded. there are not any readily available upgrades to the 8p.

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