FS Motobecane Mobylette by Montgomery Wards

Offering a late 50's early 60's Motobecane with full fairing by Montgomery Wards under the Riverside name. All badging is Motobecane however. This is a restoration candidate with worst area being some metal eaten away by the vin tag from battery acid or something. All chrome should polish to a good state, with the exception of the headlight trim ring which needs replating. Odometer shows a bit over 1,500 miles. Some incorrect bolts and washers here and there and the badge is missing from the front of the fairing. Gas tank looks pretty clean. Will need all new tires, probably cables, upholstery, missing one correct pedal. I don't know how to check compression, but engine appears complete.

I am looking for a best offer. If interested please email me and I'll send you a link to a Kodak gallery


Re: FS Motobecane Mobylette by Montgomery Wards

put a compression gauge in the sparkplug hole and crank her over and see how many pounds. 120 psi is good. atleast thats how it is with a car. by the way, what kind of car is that in the background? it looks like an early 60s something. maybe a valiant? Is 300 a fair offer for a bike like that?


Re: FS Motobecane Mobylette by Montgomery Wards

Good eye...'63 Valiant. Great shape except for the rear quarters. It sat in a barn for 10 years, so I have to redo the whole brake system...they were frozen solid. I already have an offer besting that $300 (I thought this would do much better considering the fairings -- not as rare as I thought?). Thanks for looking!

Re: FS Motobecane Mobylette by Montgomery Wards

If you want top dollar for it, put it on Ebay. Most of the people on this site have a bigger appreciaton for mopeds than their wallets allow. They'd love to have it but they can't afford it. It's a beautiful bike and a coupleof months ago I would have bought it and shipped it to me but I just have too many right now. Good luck.

Re: FS Motobecane Mobylette by Montgomery Wards

Thanks for the info. I felt that ebay was starting to lose its blush, with Craigslist etc. Alot of the vintage mopeds weren't going for much on ebay as of this morning, unless they are nice original runners. I may give that a shot this weekend. I don't excpect to get rich off the thing, I just felt it was worth a bit more than I was being offered, and I haven't really seen too many like it. I know how much money it will take just to replace tubes, tires, cables, seat, grips, pedals, bulbs, any electrical shorts etc....then again it might be fun for someone to revive it and ride it as is....

Re: FS Motobecane Mobylette by Montgomery Wards

Sold, and I already have sellers' remorse. It was a FZP-14011 making it a 1959 according to web research. Next time (this stuff is still hiding out there).....

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