WTB: Motobecane parts

Hey I am in need of:

motobecane pedal crank arms (both sides)

motobecane stock exhausts, several

stock ehaust rear baffles, several

exhaust mounting clips (looks like a "U" holds the large rear section of the exhasut) as many as possable

if you got a lot of this type of stuff just taking up space i'll take it off your hands.


WTB: Motobecane parts

email me your address i'll send you some of that crap.

Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

oh shit . i just posted that i have 2 motobecanes for sale ...cheap.


Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

email sent

Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

still looking for eshaust parts bump

Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

You can us an electrical conduit strap called a conduit hanger, or stand off strap.It can hold the muffler to the mounting hole on the frame. use one designed for size 2-1/2" emt conduit, you can get it for a couple of bucks at any Electrical wholesaler. (Home Depot probably doesn't carry it) When you see what it looks like, imagine it mounted with the bolt through the hole attached to the frame. Dottie company's part# is PH250B www.lhdottie.com

Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

hey thanks i'll look into that

also still need:

exhaust pipes

motobecane pedal crank arms

bump plz neone riding the pegs sux

Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

Maitland Of the Loin /

elliot I have some pedal crank arms laying around. They even have pedals.

Im moving out of my place in like fuck a day or two, and im writing my senior thesis but I can get back to you in a week or something. Ill probably be bumming at my buddies place in the haight so that might make getting them to you easy

Re: WTB: Motobecane parts

Hell, i may even have some crank arms. The fact that i'm running two right side arms with a mismatched pedal set is purely laziness, not lack of parts.

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