PA50 Front Wheel and Light

Does anyone know whether a front wheel and headlight bucket for a Honda Hobit PA50, fit a regular Honda PA50?

I got hit by a car and need to replace these parts, but the only thing I found was from an Honda Hobit. The parts look similar in the picture, but I do not know if they will fit.

Re: PA50 Front Wheel and Light

Also, if anyone has these parts or knows whee to get them, Please let me know

Re: PA50 Front Wheel and Light

same bikes same parts. i got a wheel for yah for 10 plus shipping.

Re: PA50 Front Wheel and Light

The Hobbit is the model name, like saying Honda Hawk.

The designation PA50I or PA50II is the actual model number.

So, the answer to your question is that the front wheel and headlight on a Hobbit is actually the same thing as on the PA models.

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