Advice On Top Tank Bike

I wanted you guys to have a look at the bike for me and tell me what you think about it. I was also wondering If I would be able to do any upgrades to it after buying, and just wanted to make sure it wouldn't be a problem registering it and titling it in NJ.

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i've been looking at those, i really want one

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Larry Picarello /

I think someone had one of those at last years MoPedLars ride- what impressed me was how quiet it was. How can it be so cheap?

Re: Advice On Top Tank Bike

If you fib about the thing having pedals when you turn in the Certificate of Manufacture to the DMV, you should be OK.

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I've heard their not bad little bikes.

Getting it registered as a moped in some states may be difficult, but assuming it comes with paperwork you should be able to get it registered as a motorcycle anywhere pretty easy. The main issues that I see are the lack of pedals, the 4 speed manual transmission, and the higher top speed. Those issues push you into motorcycle territory in most states. On the plus side, it should be just as easy and about the same price to get it registered and insured as a motorcycle since you have to do almost the same thing to get a moped registered. On the plus side, it its tagged as a motorcycle you can run out and buy a 120cc motor and bolt it right on.


Re: Advice On Top Tank Bike

I like. But, no on the mag wheels, blah! And no square headlights please.

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