newport for sale

not mine, but from the guy i got my puch from which runs great when it runs(not his fault when it doesnt)



For sale 1 1977 Puch Newport. Runs great and reaches 30 mph.This moped has had 1 owner and has just over 2,100 original miles on it. New rear tire, paperwork, and will install rear carry rack if desired. Price $475.00

Can possibly deliver up to 40 miles if needed.

Larry (650) 796-1687


he is in mountainside i think, northern california. benadam got a ped from him too. decent guy, delivers to the city

Re: newport for sale

pic ? posible shipping ????

Re: newport for sale

i am not the seller, its just an email i got from a guy who sells in the area, let me see if he sent any pics...

give him a call about shipping, i have no idear.. i hope he doesnt mind me posting this! i mean.. he is trying to sell it, right?

Re: newport for sale

At $475 with no pictures and a third party posting it for sale he could try harder.

Re: newport for sale

Maitland Of the Loin /

isnt this the same guy that posts wtb ads on craigslist for 100 bux or less?

Re: newport for sale

hey, he didnt ask me to, so he doesnt need to try harder.. i was just putting this out there so people knew. i dunno, i thought that could be helpful.

guess not

Re: newport for sale

Maitland Of the Loin /

pretty sure he knows what hes doing, if anyone in the bay area needs a ped this is a good deal

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