need to buy: puch carb for dead ped.

i would perfer the 14mm to just keep things stock and interchangable since that is the carb i just thrashed on my puch(2peed mkII)

i really dont have much money which is why i am looking for something used, and i want it fast so i can get my ped running cause this out of comission stuff is really ruining my mood.

what do you guys have?

i was offered the 14 for 35$ shipped, can anyone come up with anything like that? that is about my situation, i can pay more for 3 day shipping... and i would get that carb if brennan would ever write back....

Re: need to buy: puch carb for dead ped.

Sorry man, I've been riding all weekend.

Shoot me an email, I'll hook it up.

Re: need to buy: puch carb for dead ped.

dude, no problem.

no one should ever have to apologize for riding, hell that is where i am going to be as soon as i can!

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