New helmet

this helmet is DOT approved,it has been used 1 time along time ago. my dad purchased it along time ago, the police dept.(anchorage,alaska) he worked for made him by one because he would be using the snow michine and he needed one. he olny used it once. there is a few scratches on it from being shipped back and forth from shelf to shelf ect…

it is a medium size helmet


it has a removable face shield. and the the top if the face shield is slightly tinted so the sun dosent effect your eyes,.

the face shield buttons/snapps on and off so if you don tlike it ,it works just fine as a regular helmet.

if you are intrested please e-mail me at

asking 45 dollors shipped

accept postal money orders or cash




Re: New helmet


Re: New helmet

See Ya Moped Army /

How is this a never used helmet. See your below description on Craigslist.

"my father purchased it a few years ago to use on his police motorcycle in anchorage alaska but he retired before he used it. then some how i got when the parents split up and i would use it for my moped rides but it dosent fit me."

Re: New helmet

Larry- I think that meant that he would wear it, but it doesn't fit him and therefore he doesn't. I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds logical.


Re: New helmet

yea it dosent fit me. so i cant use it , i use a x large. and the helmet never fit me so i could never use it. thats how it was never used, my dad wore it once, thats it

Re: New helmet

See Ya Moped Army /

I hate to tell ya, but that's a $5-$10 helmet at most garage sales and flea markets. Especially if the cushioning material is old and flimsy.

Re: New helmet

the cushioning looks like it does the day my dad purchased it new.and i had someone else over here somewere at moped army say thats its a good price for that helmet. witch i agree its nota piece of junk lol

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