1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

1981 Indian Moped AMC-50 Chief 49CC needs new carb 1500 miles on it stored in garage...well maintained i have the manual an the parts catalog and a brochure to go along with it. I'm asking 250 O.B.O and ill throw in a 3HP Kawasaki Mini Bike engine is identical to Briggs&Stratton i believe the motor is an 89 I honed out the cylinder years ago and changed the oil frequently im asking 75$ O.B.O

Im from Clinton Twp. MI 48038...I cannot ship either of these bikes but meeting half way is negotiable.


586-222-1824 im available 24/7


Thank you very much for your interests

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

any pictures you could send?

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

Yeah if you can send me some pics of both sides, blah blah blah that would be cool

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

Hey Brian,

I called you tonight regarding your Indian. I looked at your moped last December. You told me tonight that this was the first time you had it for sale and denied we ever met. You should check Moped Army's Buy-Sell Archieves because it is listed 12-19-05 13:19 with your name as the poster. When I started to mention the problems your moped had you hung up on me tonight.

Anyway I remember the carb has stripped jet holes therefore the carb has to be replaced. The entire engine electrical including the coil needs to be replaced because there is no spark nor electrical current to the coil. You over honed the cylinder at your high school class which severly scored the cylinder walls uneven so when we did a compression check it was 5 pounds. The crank was bent and there are numerous over problems.

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

ouch. That'll put a damper in the selling process.

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

nice job esking, thanks for looking out for everyone

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Thanks Brian, you just saved me a shit load of work, on the Indian, good thing I have extra engines and carbs ready to use, all I have to do is change them out. The rest of the bike is in good shape. I still consider it a good deal. Probably because I do have all the parts to get it running like new. Tom

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

Hey Tom,

Glad you think you got a good deal on the moped. I bought a moped a few weeks ago from this ad:



Date: 2006-11-01, 8:51PM EST

70's indian moped. Doesnt run. I have had this for years. Some rust on rack. Dark green in color. Need to clean out garage before winter. 50cc.


It wasnt green. It was the original mint black paint with gold Indian lettering. The rack rust is normal since Indian mopeds were nickel plated. It has about 400 miles on it. It has a nice blue spark and fired right up after dumping gas into the tank. No leaks and the fuel petcock worked perfectly. It came with the original toolkit, engine guards, bags, mirrors, owners manual, and even the extra sprockets for different speeds.; This moped was well preserved and a great bargain at $50.

I see you are also in Michigan so if you are interested in purchasing Indian mopeds let me know. I have many including 3 that are still in the shipping carton from Taiwan from 1981. I also have one of the very few Indian go-karts made after the moped had ended production. I see you are on EBAY and have paid LARGE amounts of money for your Indian mopeds so I will price them accordingly to your needs. thanks.

Re: 1981 Indian Moped AMC-Cheif

brian sucks.


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