A few Motobecane parts

I'm looking for a few things to make this Motobecane as good as new again.

Exhaust clamp - the sheet metal clamp that stablizes the exhaust pipe at the end.

Bendy intake - The intake on this right now is tiny and makes working on the carb a pain.

Airbox/filter - Somehow the bike runs fine without an air filter at all, but I imagine a little restriction would give me a bit of a performance increase.

Original long seat - Right now it's got a medium-long seat that looks like it came from a Puch maybe. I'd be willing to trade this for a good condition real Motobecane long seat.

Saddle bags - okay, this isn't part of restoring it... but I would love to have a little more storage space :-)

Pedal - One of the pedals snapped the shaft/bolt that goes through it. I need everything but the pedal arm. Left side preferred.

I know I can buy a lot of these things online, but if anybody has any of the above lying around, send me an e-mail: sam.kronick@gmail.com

Re: A few Motobecane parts

I may have the exhaust clamp and the pedal. I will check tomorrow for you!


Re: A few Motobecane parts

i have an exhaust clamp.hit me up i have a few other parts im looking to sell. crankcase,clutch .bottom end. ignition coil,some carb parts but no air box.-alex-

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