parts for general, qt50, and fa50

ok im cleaning out my moped closet this winter so heres what i got. a 1984 red suzuki fa50, 1433 miles about 60%complete. a 1981?2? qt50 about 98% complete, just got new yellow paint job. nice. and a 1984 general 5 star top tank, about 50% complete, just repainted gloss black.

all 3 bikes are completely taken apart

fa50: missing seat, carb, piston, air cleaner, and some spokes off front rim, plus alot of other random parts.

qt50: almost complete, just needs a new speedo with ignition, and tires, and maybe new engine gaskets. before i took it apart the kick worked great and it got really good turnover.

general: was real beat when i got it and had plans on rebuilding it. frame and parts just got repainted gloss black, and hubs. rims are taken apart along with everything else. all parts to minarelli engine are there i think. but its half taken apart.

let me know if you want whole thing or parts. i live in south jersey and would prefer pick up on large things. for whole bike

fa50: $50

qt50: $100

general: $50

thank you

Re: parts for general, qt50, and fa50

bump, come on, i know someone needs hese parts

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