WTB Gurtner (motobecane) AR2.12 carb

Come on folks,

I need a NON leaking AR2.12

if you have a bowl cap with a known good needle valve that would be fine too.


If you need moby stuff I could do a moby parts trade perhaps

Re: WTB Gurtner (motobecane) AR2.12 carb

Maitland Of the Loin /

hey dan, i have like 6 gurtner carbs sitting around. Im sure out of all those I could make one non leaky one. Or just the bowl cap and I have an NOS float with needle. whichever.

cash is good or if you have a nice working exhaust Ill trade ya.

Re: WTB Gurtner (motobecane) AR2.12 carb

Damn straight.

I have a few misc. moby mufflers in different styles.

I will check them out, and take some pics after work

Re: WTB Gurtner (motobecane) AR2.12 carb

Dave Peterson /

I could also use an exhaust for a Motobecane 50, someone tried to use the exhaust off a Model 7. It didn't work out very well. Thanks, Skipjaz

Re: WTB Gurtner (motobecane) AR2.12 carb

Maitland Of the Loin /

sweet. what are you interested in? if its a whole carb im going to have to go build one, otherwise i can just pick out the bowl cap and the NOS float is in a plastic container so i can just snag that

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