TOMOS Biturbo for sale

Decarboned, repacked, it has some scratches and scrapes but is in good shape.

you can hear how well the packing works here, i DID bolt it to the 50CC minarelli and it was as quiet as the stock pipe to me, but the tone was deeper.

the scratches are on the bottom of the chamber and end of the silencer. I'm asking $65+shipping, please no low ballers.

Pisctures of the rough spots

Here are some pictures of the scrapes and scratches. As you can see, they're pretty minor and only cosmetic. otherwise the inside of the pipe is very clean and the packing is very very very quiet. you can talk into one end and its muffled coming out the other, very very muffled.

sorry that they're a little out of focus, macro mode wont flash on my camera and the room has poor lighting. i can get better pics if anyone wants them.

Re: Pisctures of the rough spots

How did you manage to bolt that onto a mower?

Re: TOMOS Biturbo for sale

John Joedicke /

New Tomos BiTurbos from Mountainmoped with gasket and 56 jet for 70 bucks.

Re: Pisctures of the rough spots

the exhaust port and pipe size were close, one bolt on the flange was able to match and screw into the block.

Re: TOMOS Biturbo for sale

all the ones i see around the internet are going for $80+shipping.

i see it on their site, the gasket and jet amount to $5 worth of stuff, so $60+shipping.

Re: TOMOS Biturbo for sale


Re: TOMOS Biturbo for sale

i'm sellin one for $20 and all it needs is new rivets to be drilled and the silencer stuffing ($10 fix)

Re: TOMOS Biturbo for sale

you said the baffle was broken also, this pipe has been in one piece since it was made.

this pipe is like new except for the scrapes i disclosed which are on the bottom and not visible unless you're laying on the ground looking at the pipe.

Re: TOMOS Biturbo for sale

what i ment by broken was that it needs new rivets on the gold part, i thaught that was the baffle until i was corrected

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