Mopeds in Wisconsin?

How come all these guys on the east coast are selling these kick ass mopeds (the exact ones I Puch Magnum ect.) for like $350-$500...and here you can't even find them.

I really want to get a nice moped that looks like a cycle that is currently pretty much able to run...A carb clean is fine or whatever...but I want something that has everything included, and is able to start.

I am looking in the around the $400 range for a moped, and I would like one that looks like a cycle.

Any recommendation of where to look (I check craigslist and ebay daily) would be great


Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

Ben Van Zoest /

Twist my arm real hard (Maxi Sport) as there are few Puch's in Wisconsin.

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

because we're dumb... really, its because we're all cheep...i know i try to sell for low prices out of kindness....and i beg for low prices because i'm poor.

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

why are you so hung up on the idea that it has to look like a cycle? you've mentioned that in almost every post you made. do you want to ride or do you want to pose?

this is for sale in Madison: Suzuki

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

Yah, it's funny the way mopeds are distributed over the country. We do OK here in Michigan and Ohio, but it seems like New Jersey and eastern PA are moped heaven. And not too many Puchs in Wisconsin, but lots of Pintos.

Seems like there are always lots of peds for sale around Milwaukee and Madison, but they're always overpriced.

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

395 miles from Plover to Des Moines and in your price range. looks like a motorcycle - well, a rusty motorcycle - and should move you around a decent speeds. once fixed.

"CT90 in Des Moines for $375":

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

hello call Don at this number in New London Wi,920-538-0096 tell him i asked you to call him. i am jimmie carter

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

the reason I want one that looks like a cycle is cause they look cooler, and they have stronger frames.

A Puch Magnum has a much stronger frame then say a Honda Express.

However, the main reason is that people make a shit load of fun of people that have mopeds that look really tacky...but mopeds that look like cycles are the rage.

That is why I want one.

But whatever. Until I find one, I am just gonna continue using my motorized bike

Re: Mopeds in Wisconsin?

ill be in Wi,and Lacresent MN,22 thru 24 Nov 2006 gettina a Load of Mopeds, from 1967 allstate model to 1986 AMFs total 22 i think maybe more. so you dont look in the right places I guess. thanks JC

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