flandria anyone?n.o.s. parts

just seeing if anyone has a flandria moped.we have a bunch of flandria parts.if anyone has one and needs parts post back.ill get some pics soon.

all the parts are nos

Re: flandria anyone?n.o.s. parts

I have two 2 speed manual engines, both of which are missing parts and from the 50s or 60s. Same engine as the Avaros Super 7 in the photo gallery. let me know.

Re: flandria anyone?n.o.s. parts

sorry,should have said theyre all for the flandria bermuda.the motors a kind of like a batavus or a solo,but of coarse different

Re: flandria anyone?n.o.s. parts

ill have to see if the one at work is still there it was missing the clutch cable and a few other things

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