hi i was wondering if any off you guys ever considerd buying parts from foreign websites or even foreign shops

for instance i have a shop called moped brommershop in holland and with no problems i can send parts and stuff overseas i already did this several times to other countries so why not to the usa i purchase a lot of parts from america for my classic mustang so the other way around should work evenly

for instance i can deliver tomos carbs the 14/14mm for around 30 euro thats aprox 35 dollar add shipping and you can see iff it is cheaper

i am an official tomos dealership so we stock tons of parts from brake cables to everything else big bore kits exhausts you name it and i can deliver it

if anybody is interested i can make a price list off what you like

and trie to find out the exact shipping and handeling fees

greetings lodewijk vermeer

Re: parts

we also carrie a lot of vintage and new old stock parts for tomos , puch , vespa , batavus , benelli , kreidler , zundapp, and al other european makes and yamaha fs1

Re: parts

a lot of us do order parts from europe.

i have ordered from

the problem is we always have to wait so darn long. the quickest it ever comes is 2 weeks and it seems that 2 out of 10 times the order gets stuck in customs.

do you have any puch monza parts?

Re: parts

Maitland Of the Loin /

how much for a dellorto 15/15? and a tecnigas next exhaust for puch magnum

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