Need a Targa LX generator coil

Does anyone have one? I have the newer model that is smaller, and has all 4 coils in one assembly.

I'm sure not going to pay $125 for it if I don't have to! That is te price I've been quoted so far.

I'm seriously thinking about buying some magnet wire and fixing it myself, but I'd really just like to buy a new or used one for a reasonable price.

How to contact me:

You can post here but I won't see it for days! the best way is to catch me on messenger:



Thanks in advance.

For those who might be wonderding... I'm talking about the generator coil that produces the power that runs the CDI. I'm not talking about the CDI.

Re: Need a Targa LX generator coil

I have one, I will message you.

Re: Need a Targa LX generator coil

Dude, Shoot me an e-mail. rv34 AT comcast DOT net

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