WTB: Size 58 Jet

Hey gang,

I'm looking for a size 58 bing carb jet.

I don't mind if it's used or not, so long as it's clean.

I'd buy it from 1977 Mopeds or something, but I'm not too thrilled about paying 7 dollars to ship something the size of a pin head, so I thought I'd take a shot in the dark to see if anyone has one laying around.



Re: WTB: Size 58 Jet

Maitland Of the Loin /

its 40 dollars to have it shipped from the netherlands

Re: WTB: Size 58 Jet


7 bucks is looking a little better.

But still, I find it hard to shell seven bucks on shipping on something that infinitesimally tiny.

Re: WTB: Size 58 Jet

Looks like they have them at Moped Warehouse, and they charge less for shipping.

I know what you mean, I like 1977 mopeds, but it does irk me to pay $7 to ship a carb jet.

Re: WTB: Size 58 Jet

Call them.

Re: WTB: Size 58 Jet

Smitty Smith /

I've got 'em brand-new, $4.50, shipped.



Re: WTB: Size 58 Jet

If someone had one to sell they could just easily put it in an envelope just as you would with a letter.

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