FS: universal speedometer bulbs speedo

Still have a bunch of these speedometer bulbs. A cheap and easy fix, and really nice to be able to read your speedometer at night.

$1.50 apiece if you buy them directly from me, or if you prefer, I also have them on ebay for $1.79. Just do a search for moped speedometer bulb.

If you'd like to purchase directly from me, email me at x94cherry at yahoo dot com.

These bulbs fit most moped speedometers, I know for a fact that they fit:

Puch Maxi, magnum etc.

JC Penney Pinto/Swinger



Motobecane (6v system, requires 2 bulbs)

I'm sure they fit others too, just take the old bulb out of your ped and see if it matches the photo and measurements.

These are 6v, 1.5w bulbs. They measure 23mm (.91") long and 6.9mm (.27") in diameter at the base. They have a bayonet base, which means they push in and turn to lock into a spring-loaded socket.

Let me know if I can answer any questions.

Shipping is $2 for as many bulbs as you want.


Re: FS: universal speedometer bulbs speedo

arg, the ones i bought from you burnt out quickly. it is not your fault though. i need to find a way to stop the taillight and speedo light from burning out so quickly... any ideas?

Re: FS: universal speedometer bulbs speedo

toss a resistor in the circuit.

Re: FS: universal speedometer bulbs speedo


Re: FS: universal speedometer bulbs speedo

splice one into the speedo lamp or tail lamp circuit.

Re: FS: universal speedometer bulbs speedo

instead of taking for ever to order these porche bulbs at my dads shop. i just took a instrument cluster bulb of a honda. took apart the old bayonet style socket and used just the strait thru tube from the original puch spedo. soldered to wires to the bulb and pushed it into the tube thing. its 12v so it doesnt burn out as easy but its still bright. been in there for 3months

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