WTB Top cover 4 Vespa Grande

The one that sits on top of the frame tubes.

Re: WTB Top cover 4 Vespa Grande

Hi TroyO , I have a top cover for the grande w/blue center sticker - $10.00 + $2.00 S&H = $12.00 LMK if you want it .

Re: WTB Top cover 4 Vespa Grande

Sold! :-)

That's the last plastic to get this beastie back in form. :-)

Hey, are you still looking for the Grande parts in your profile? I have some extra stuff:

12.12 carb, seemed to work OK when pulled off, may need gaskets, etc.

50CC Stock Cylinder head, cylinder and piston. Runnable, some wear but not bad. (Hone and rings you'd be good)

Let me know if your interested in buying/trading for it.

If not, want me to Paypal to novaman502@aol.com?

Re: WTB Top cover 4 Vespa Grande

TroyO , email me and we can work something out buy/trade for that 50cc head/cylinder/piston & rings - I got the parts I needed in my profile - are you looking for any other parts for your grande? - LMK . P.S. dont have a paypal account - thats my email.

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