want a moped in seattle area

looking for a moped in the seattle area to buy only running dont want to do much work to it im honestly not that mechanicly inclined i have a general 5 star back at homebut im in the navy and going to hawaii soon and would like to bu one while im still on the mainland (a.k.a. cheaper normlly) willing to spend up ward and possibly above depending on the ped around to above $1500 please email me at camera_man110013@yahoo.com thank you.

p.s. i have a car so i can drive to you to take a look at your moped

p.p.s. im very desperate for a ped havent driven one in so long need my ped back

Re: want a moped in seattle area


has new Tomos bikes in stock, as well as a few older vintage bikes

Re: want a moped in seattle area

yeah im looking for an older bike from either 80's or 90's but if i can't find nething ill just break down and get a new one but specificly i realy want on older ped

Re: want a moped in seattle area

an older bike from the 80's or 90's

thats not that old, Kevin either has new 2005 or 2006 tomos bikes or late 70's bikes,

Re: want a moped in seattle area

Kevin is a stand up guy, his new mopeds are great.

If you need a moped he is the only guy in seattle who has them right now.

I've been trying to find one for my little brother for a month or two now, and there is nothing in seattle...

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