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I am new to these forums but thought that I would give it a try after reading them on and off for some time. I am looking for the top end of a 1980 Peugeot 103 engine, the cylinder, piston, the cylinder head, and the exhaust for a reasonable price. Engine covers would be nice but aren’t necessary. If anyone has some of these parts kicking around, or the complete engine, let me know.

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What do you consider a reasonable price?

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That's a loaded question, sort of like the used car dealer asking you how much money do you want to spend? There is a complete NOS 103 engine on ebay with a buy it now of $199, it is brand new, he has had it for several months, and hasn't sold it. I am not looking for a new engine and I am not looking for new parts (with the exception of piston rings, bearings, and gaskets). What do you have to offer?

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Thought maybe the only reason you joined was to look for parts. Sorry, I just wanted to ask a question, I don't have any.

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Serge Prokofievadactyl /

Thats handybikes and Thats a 102 engine. He used to have a bunch of 103 engines but he sold them all.

102s are the restricted version of the 103 engine with no variator, which is why he is not selling that one as much. But as soon as he sells it, he just puts another one back up.

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I thought that the 103 had reed valves and the 102 engine did not, I wasn't sure about the variator though. I also thought that the cylinder was different in that the cylinder had an intake port instead of the intake port being on the crankcase as on the 103.

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