STOLEN: 79 Sachs Balboa

Stolen from Roseville, MN on Monday, October 23.

Is red and has grey Specialized brand grips. There probably aren't too many of these cruising around the tri-state area, so if you see one, please be kind enough to let me know.

Thank you!


Re: STOLEN: 79 Sachs Balboa


that sucks, big time. If i see that bike rolling around next time i'm in saint paul, i'll let ya know. What was the color and plate number? that would help alot.Its too bad someone felt the need to steal it. I hate people that cheat, lie and steal. I would really feel bad if that happened to me, mopeds are special little vehicles.However, if its a kid without a ped license, he will get stopped at some point if the plate turns up in the police computer as a stolen vehicle. a 79 Sachs isn't that common either since most of what i've seen around here is Sachs motors that are mounted on Columbia frames.


Re: STOLEN: 79 Sachs Balboa

Thank you for your support, Paul! I'm trying not to get too worked up over this, but I'm not going to give up on finding it just yet.

Here is a pic of my bike:

Re: STOLEN: 79 Sachs Balboa

You mean you never had a plate number? serial number doesnt help, i got to see the plate. I thought license plates were required in Minnesota anyway


Re: STOLEN: 79 Sachs Balboa

Oops! I misunderstood you. The license plate was 23788MP.

I'm sure someone stole it for junk money; I just hope that they didn't sell it to the scrap yard or are chopping it up. God, it's so fucking senseless . . . it wasn't worth much money.

Re: STOLEN: 79 Sachs Balboa

Matthew Scholtens /


Sucks that your ride was stolen. It is senseless, but I am sure the moped was worth a lot more to you.

Matthew Scholtens

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