Parts Sale: Franco Morini, Minarelli, Garelli ect.

Well I need to start getting rid of some of this stuff and i could use the money. I took pictures and have made seperate posts for the stuff i figured people would be most interested in. I have tons of other stuff but it is mostly random and some of the stuff i can not be sure what it goes to. i will make a list at the bottom of this post with all the stuff i can remember that i have that i wont take pics of unless someone is interested in it.

Please do not post questions asking me if i have something not listed here as it will clutter the post to no end and i might ignore you! just email me at if you have questions about the items posted here then by all means ask away. I am willing to let these items go for fairly cheap but please make an offer at least worth my while. I will be able to ship everything out very very cheaply so dont worry about that.

Franco morini engine bearings

Franco morini bearing seals

Franco morini piston rings

Franco morini head gaskets

Franco morini intake manifolds 12mm

Franco morini kickstands in red, blue, black and silver

Franco morini small chain gears

Franco morini kickstand springs

Franco morini cylinder heads

Italian wheel axels

Italian speedo drives

Italian handlebar clamps

shit tons of ugly jawa stickers (no idea what they go to)

couple differnt sized gas caps

im sure theres more that i cant think of and will make an update post if i do. All of these items and more will be available at the tom cruisers rally on new years weekend. most of it you just have to sort through and see if its worth your while.

Cafe Race Fenders

I have these in small and large but the large ones are at the very back of my storage unit. i assume they are front and rear.

Random italian clutches

I have 4 of these, dont know what they go to.

Franco Morini NOS pipe

have a bunch of these with gaskets

Italian NOS spoked rims

These are 16 inch NOS and look great. i have 2 sets and one front wheel.

Franco Morini NOS gasket set

have maybe 6-8 of these unopened

Franco Morini NOS pistons

stock bore. 40.04 im pretty sure im all out of 40.06 and 40.08

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

oops here is the right pic.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

See Ya Moped Army /

Harold, what size are those engine bearings? There should be a number stamped on them eg. 6203.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

See Ya Moped Army /

Also, what size/sizes are the oil seals?

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

Havent looked at a puch cylinder in awhile, that pipe wouldnt happent to fit would it? oh and cev goodies?

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

CEV goodies arent listed cause they are yours already.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

i will check and take some pics for you.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

awesome. I was looking for a piece of metal the other day to make a puch clutch puller out of, and the first thing I grabed out of a box of crap happened to be a puch clutch puller. I was all like "no way." thank you guerilla rides.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

hey harold, I could use either a set of standard morini 40.2mm rings or an entire piston assembly, whatever is easiest for you to surmise. let me know. Thanks,


Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

all i have is 40.04 i thought that was standard.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

by bad, sorry, miss typed the size, 40.4mm

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

yeah i have tons of them, i have a big bag of extra piston rings and i assume they go to 40.04. is there any way for me to check? i used to have a couple 40.06 and 40.08 pistons so they might go to that. i assume since the difference is so small that the rings would "seem" to fit any of those. is there a way to tell for sure?

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

I'm having a little trouble viewing those photos - could you post some larger ones?

The Negrini/Safari style fenders rock.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

sorry, i just hate when people post small pics, then you get the item and are pissed that there is rust or a dent on it or something.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

Iknow you said garelli parts too, but I didnt see any garelli parts listed. What have you got for garelli (VIP?) thanx

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons

the italian stuff is garelli stuff.

Re: Franco Morini NOS pistons


Last chance on moped army

I will be sending these items to ebay on monday. last chance to get offers in,.

Re: Last chance on moped army

Harold, do you have a stator and flywheel with points and condenser for the Franco Marini engine, mine is a 1978 Cosmo Blazer. thanks, Tom

Re: Last chance on moped army

dont sell the stuff i want

e mail me

Re: Last chance on moped army

How much for the Morini:


Gasket Set


Also what size are the piston and rings

Total with shipping to 01832

Haverhill, MA

Needed Bad!!!

Thanks Mike

Re: Last chance on moped army

dammit harold! watch your bandwidth!

Re: Last chance on moped army

dont you dare question my internet nerdiness. if you noticed the pics are loaded through so it doesnt take any bandwith from moped army.


Re: Italian NOS spoked rims

i really need these rims. Please contact me if they are still avaliable.

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