Sachs for sale or parting out

1987 Sachs SIS(Minor?)

The Good:

505/1D motor w/Bing 104A carb. Biturbo Exhaust.

New Ring, new clutch plates, decompression valve, new cables. Good tires, runs very strong. Fully registered and have title. Very powerfull Moped.

The Bad:

Almost too powerfull. Broken chain and back wheel tensioner. Lots of other dings and dents. Speedo doesn't work.

$250 for the whole thing. $200 for the motor and exhaust.

$75 for everything else. Shipping's on you. Lemme know.


Re: Sachs for sale or parting out

I would sure love to buy that motor from you but I don't think 200 is worth it.

How fast does it go????

Like you should time your self and see how long it takes you got get to 30mph on flat ground.

that way I can compare it to mine.

Re: Sachs for sale or parting out

Well, until it get a new chain the top speed is zero...


I'll throw in an almost brand new 2003 Kinetic TFR...if you'll throw in another $400.

NOTE: That's $650 total, obo.

Again, shipping's up to you but I'm in the Columbus/Dublin area.


Re: Bonus


Alright, both peds = $600

Re: Bonus

can i come look at the sachs on monday? ill be in columbus on/ near 5th av.

Re: Bonus

Sure, but I can't take it to you, you'll have to come to me up in Dublin(by the Columbus Zoo) sometime after 5:30 PM.

I apologize for the hassle but I work 8-5 downtown and live in Dublin. If I bring it to work, downtown crackheads will swipe it off my truck in the parking lot. Much as I'd like to see a crackhead furiously pedalling away a 200 lb bicycle at 2 mph, I can't.

Tell you what: Email me at my address listed here. I'll send you my full address and take a bunch more photos to send to you. Thanks!

Re: Sachs for sale or parting out

Dee De Dee! I forgot that the pedals and engine are intergrated. I went out to the garage, removed the chain remnants and switched on the petcock. Even though it's been sitting for a year, wouldn't you know it fired on the fifth kick and roared. So, if interested I can prove that it runs.

Damn, I forgot how much I loved to hear that engine. My TFR's brand new and nicer but the high pitch makes it sound like a weed whacker. The Sachs has a deeper bass feel and you can just feel the difference in torque.

Heck, I might stop by Handybikes and see if the parts are available this weekend just to take it on one last spin.

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