For sale - Texas area please

I have a 79 Motobecane Perfect condition - Blue ,needs nothing (really ) new tires tubes brakes etc. ZERO rust as in none .Lights etc everything works 99.99% original except the handle bar grips I think it still has the tool kit too. Garaged all it's life ,I'm the second owner just over 1000miles . Giant original mirror not shown in pic but I have it . Missing the round cover on the right side as of last week (yes I caught the guy ,yes I gave him some baking soda to help the burns - long story). Really rather have a Local person pick it up in the Frisco Texas area. Any Austin members still around?? Seems the registry still shows people listed but last login was in the 90's ??? Also have a Tomos Bullet redid it a couple of years ago Bright Red with Black mags .Haven't heard from a potential buyer in a couple of days so ....Two puch Maxi 2-spds both green One Maxi single white -Rear wheel needs to be trued . Maxis sound like they need bearings, haven't touched them that far yet, not worth my time . They need the usual R/R switches cleaned etc Yes they run fine trans shifts ,carbs cleaned tanks cleaned - no smoke etc. etc. 2-spds have mags . NO I won't part them out , Idea is to sell as a whole bike not to have more parts on the garage floor! I need to finish the Lotus Super Seven for those of you who know me . Also Email me directly please instead of creating a huge long thread of Yes / No answers and needless teenage conversation . Trying to be considerate of the group postings here.Respond only if you're serious and can pick it up please. If I don't sell them ,then I will probably take them to a group that ebays them off. Shipping MAY be possible but I'll be kicking and screaming the whole way there. Bikes never make it without getting scratched or dented unless it's crated properly fenders ,wheels etc. removed (big bucks). The box thing is real risky if you want it completely unscathed. I mean do it the right way or not at all. Ah yes ,prices, I want $650 for my Moby considering it doesn't need anything, just ride it (I think it still has gas - yes it's fresh gas rode it last week ) $500 for the Tomos same condition just not original paint (new tires tubes etc)$250 for the white guy and $350 each for the green guys(semi flexible there). BTW NONE of these are modified in anyway that I know of they are completely stock all my modded bikes are gone . Don't have any other parts except a Trac Engine with exhaust pipe. Any reasonable questions email me . I think I can shoot some pics from the garage (it's raining now) I'll double check my profile for the correct email address.


Re: For sale - Texas area please

hey Ken.

contact me.

i've been trying to get in touch with you via email all day.



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