looking for moped around Lex, KY

hey Bourbon Bandits and Bombardment Society!!

im from Lexington and go back several times a year-- my brother still lives there and he thought it was so rad that his sister had started a moped gang in LA...

so, i'm toying with the idea of getting him a moped for Christmas. he's 22, not a young kid who wouldnt know how to take care of it. anyway, I:

would prefer a Puch (of course), but it doesnt have to be.

would love it to be running-- it doesnt have to be kitted, but its more exciting to get a bike that runs, dont ya think? im hoping that this will become something that he'll want to work on himself, learning about the engine and how to improve it and make repairs.

* cant spend a ton. i know what mopeds cost, so im not expecting to get something for a rediculous price...but if anyone wants to make a deal...lets talk!

ill be in KY a week before Christmas and could come pick it up then. i could pay you half the price as a deposit before then...WHATCHA GOT?!


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Re: looking for moped around Lex, KY

Bonjour from Louisville. I don't have any running Puchs at the moment, but I do have a Vespa Ciao that is running well. I got it earlier in the year and have since cleaned it up and it is ready to go. The guy who I bought it from gave it a rather lackluster paint job that I'm not very fond of, but it certainly doesn't affect how it runs. I put a brand new throttle cable on there, but it is shorter than it should be. As a result it runs across the top as opposed to snaking it underneath the tank (boo!). I put a new innertube in there as well. I got a Ciao for my first bike and was so happy with it, mainly due to its simplicity. I'll part with it for $275. I'll ask the other Bandits if there are any running bikes in the pack and get back to you.



Re: looking for moped around Lex, KY

thanks, Brennon!!

ill think about the Ciao...lemme know if you have any other leads!

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