Honda Hobbit w/ spare in San Diego

I have for sale, a pair of Honda Hobbits Pa50 II (a 1978 and a 1979). One is complete, the other is a "parts bike" about 90% complete. Great condition, other than a cracked headlight cover. You could pull the cover off the parts bike and have a nice one.

Ran EXCELLENT(!!!!) about a month ago, but has been sitting and needs fuel tank drained, spark plug replaced, and a new "batch" of gas/oil then should be good as new. It has a set of side baskets mounted (you can fit a 12-pack in each one!!!) and a front basket. Also has a nice rear rack and a diamond plate floorboard (custom!!!).

The parts bike has not run in a long (long...) time and would need a lot of know-how and elbow grease to get running.

$500 for the set...and I can deliver within San Diego county (if you come look at them first...).



Re: Honda Hobbit w/ spare in San Diego


Re: Honda Hobbit w/ spare in San Diego

Justin Campbell /

If you were in South Florida I'd have bought 'em already... shame.

Sweet Bikes, Bad Ass Potential...


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