FS: 83 Urban Express Southeast Michigan

I have an '83 Urban Express I overpaid for- hint: Don't buy mopeds after dark! I have another bike coming and too many projects, so out it goes:

It's a strong runner, but it has a few problems:

1. The automatic choke isn't working. You can manually choke it and it'll start in a few kicks, but this needs work. I have most of the parts for the Bistarted box

2. No airbox. I have an aftermarket air filter assembly on there now.

3. Front brake needs work. Might just need a cable replaced.

4. Some rust- pegs, and a little on the rear wheel and elsewhere.

$175 so it's not sitting around reminding me I made a dumb purchase. I also have a brand neww set of tires and tubes I order that cost me $52, and if you buy the 'ped, you can have them for half price.

I'll try to post some photos in the next day or so.

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