For Sale: 1985 Carrier Sachs Moped

Jake Van Order /

Well, I have to sell the ol' moped because I am moving.

It's a 1985 Sachs Carrier I moped. I've owned this moped for 4 years and taken extremely good care of it. Each Spring, right before the Kalamazoo BBQ, I've usually taken the engine apart and lubricated all bearings and parts. I've logged over 5,000 miles on it and have had very little problems in the meantime. I swapped the engine for the more powerful 505/1D engine and it averages around 35 mph with it running slightly slower in colder weather. Everything else is completely stock. It will not idle but all it takes is some feathering at stop lights. Other than that, it really never breaks down.

I'm located in Kalamazoo and would prefer cash on pickup but I could deliver to Grand Rapids / Lansing and anywhere in between for free on the weekend. I'd consider delivering to as far as Chicago or Detroit for a fee.

The price I'm looking for is $700 but this is negotiable.

The moped itself was assembled by Handy Bikes in Columbus, Ohio and most parts are still available including side panels and other body parts. Just ask Bob Jones.

This moped is currently on eBay right now, you can view pictures there at :



Re: For Sale: 1985 Carrier Sachs Moped

$700 for a bike that can't idle? And your selling it in October?

Maybe $300 on a good day.

Re: For Sale: 1985 Carrier Sachs Moped

Jake Van Order /

Thank you for your support and interest!

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