1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

My grandfather wants to sell his 1970 Honda 50 (my grandmother thinks he's too old to ride after a spill on some gravel . . he's 79). It's in great running and body condition, no rust, chipping, or tears. Less than 2000 miles on it, only flaw is that it has a broken odometer. Can anyone give me an idea of what it's worth? I'd buy it myself (childhood memories) except I live in Sweden and don't know how to affordably ship it over.

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

wheres grampa live?

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

Louisiana, but it can be transported to Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming by relatives.

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

You have relatives in all those states?

Wyoming, but not Montana?

I'm not able to afford another bike right now anyway.


Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

Sight unseen... I'd say a Cub of that vintage is worth between $600 and $1,000. Condition makes a huge difference in price as does title. And I'd guess It would cost at least $700 to crate and air freight the bike to Sweden

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

id make an offer if i had the cash on me cause im driving to arkansas in a couple weeks

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

Ben Van Zoest /

Around 400$ on Ebay

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

I sold a non running 63 model on ebay for 456.00, but was in good shape and complete, just no spark.

Re: 1970 Honda Cub 50 value?

There's a really clean one on eBay rigth now that's bid up to $1,326 so far and it still has 3 hours to go:


Early Hondas are getting increasingly popular- and going for big $$$. You'd think Honda would sell them here.

Honda still sells the SUper Cub all around the world, and yet you still can't buy a new Super Cub in the US or Canada.

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