Need rings for V1 minarelli

Hey anyone got a set of rings for my ped let me know PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE Dan

Re: Need rings for V1 minarelli

cheeck ebay, i saw some recently

Re: Need rings for V1 minarelli

I would check out Bluecat Garage in Saint Paul, Minnesota and see if they can locate some. I had a Motron Medalist, great bike. That V1 was a good motor. My rings were fine and the engine was never redone. I never should have sold her =( Also, there is a junkyard in Jordan minnesota called Sportwheels. Check out their recent arrivals for mopeds. They should have good pistons and rings in them. You never know though. Buying new is the best if you can find it. Ebay has parts, so does they deal Yankee Peddlers which are also a good bike, and they also have V1 engines.


Re: Need rings for V1 minarelli

Thanks guys I found some at mopedwarehouse Dan

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