FS: Motobecane Traveler

Runs... In New Jersey 08080 (south jersey)

Local pickup preferred because its not really worth it to ship.

150$ is my asking price.

I would like to get this, its running with a dellorto 12:14 carb, i have some of the original carb still .... i also have a tomos throttle and throttle cable on it due to the fact that i lost the original throttle peices... sorry guys.

It runs ... but there is a jettting issue.

Its a 1981 No Title... And i may be able to get a bill of sale from original owner, i think i still have the original owners registrations stuff....

Possibly a 1980 i'm diong this off of memory.

I'll post pictures later.... i still have the original baskets that go with it (they may be original may not be)

It only needs tires and some tuning and its good to go.I'm putting it here first if no1 wants it i'm going to ebay.

Re: FS: Motobecane Traveler

can you post a pic

Re: FS: Motobecane Traveler


I'll take some when my dad gets back w/ my car.... Cameras in there.

Re: FS: Motobecane Traveler

ok cool

Re: FS: Motobecane Traveler

did you ever get a pic

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