Sachs parts swap

I'm looking for a 9 tooth sprocket for a sachs 504 or 505 motor. I'll trade you for an 11 tooth.

Easy speed for a slow sachs.

Re: Sachs parts swap

It's one of the easier ways to get more speed for your 20 and 25 MPH sachs.

I need it because I want to experiment.

Re: Sachs parts swap

see atachment. have a puch frame by chance?


Re: Sachs parts swap

Just a whole puch. and a tomos frame... and a lot of stuff you used to have.

You could have dropped it off as you flew thru.

Re: Sachs parts swap

I was hoping to on the way back up, but my crank shaft broke on the way down.

Re: Sachs parts swap

you need a taurus with a transmission on the way out?

Re: Sachs parts swap

I'm taking a break from cars for awhile.

Dont suppose you'd be willing to trade off that Puch Newport?

Re: Sachs parts swap

or that vespa rear mag?

just think, all my crap could be yours!

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