Puch Bombardier Kansas City Area Runs $275

It's a Bombardier (Puch). It runs and stops. It is a little dinged up in the front fork area from being chained to bike racks, I think. The headlight works. The speedo does not work but it feels pretty fast as I ride it around. I have not spent a lot of time on this moped so I haven't looked more closely. It'd be nice if I could get rid of it before the snow flies. If I have to, I'll keepit over the winter and fix her up. I have a lot of other things I'd rather be working on now though. Some of these would be very easy fixes (such as wiring or bulbs) This is what the bike would need:

Taillight does not come on

Kill switch is missing cover and is held on with a zip-tie

There is no light switch whatsoever. (Front light must be hard-wired on as it comes on when started.

Pedal chain tensioner seems a little wonky

Maybe a new gasket set for the carb or a float needle as it leaks if you don't turn off the petcock.

The pedals have a weld on it to keep it on the crank arm.

The handlebar has a weld on it too (not sure why as it does not appear broken)

Speedo does not work (it is one of the rarer 40mph ones)

No, I am not parting this out. No, I will not go any lower on price. No, it does not currently have a title but I could get a Notarized Bill of Sale from Missouri as they do not title mopeds there.


Puch Bombardier Kansas City Area Runs $275

Another pic


Puch Bombardier Kansas City Area Runs $275

Another pic. And, no, I am not the one that wrote "on" on there.


Re: Puch Bombardier Kansas City Area Runs $275

do you think this would make a good novice project bike? i'd like to get one to learn more and build one with my daughter. but i'm in Wisconsin.

Re: Puch Bombardier Kansas City Area Runs $275

Considering it already runs I'd say that it would be a pretty good project bike. No engine troubleshooting would be involved. The things listed are the things wrong with it so I guess you could just work your way down the list and you'd have a pretty good runner. The closest I'll be to Wisconsin is in New Hampton, IA on the first weekend in November. You'd come across on Hwy 18 almost the whole way. I wouldn't have time to go any further as we are coming in on Saturday for a wedding and leaving on Sunday. You can think about it.

Re: Puch Bombardier Kansas City Area Runs $275

I'd have to wait a couple of days to see if another angle I'm working is going to pan out. I wouldn't wait on me if someone else ponies up the cash.

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