Black Tomos Sprint F/S

I have a 1992 Tomos Sprint. The frame is a 1992, yet nothing else it.

I have many upgrades. It runs an honest 48mph, Wide open, crouched. On an old 70cc Airsal kit (I am putting on a brand new)

The upgrades are:

-Tomos TX50 Kick Start Bottom end, rebuilt last summer, with new bearings and seals. I put in a 2005 Tomos A35 crank, because it is the new designed, lighter crank. About 1000 miles on the bottom end.

-NEW Tomos Airsal 70cc kit. I will be buying this this week. I had one on there, but I want to let it go with a new kit. It will also come with a new extra set of rings.

-Dellorto 16.16 Carb. It had an 82.5 jet, in good shape.

-Polini 70cc Reed Valve

-Bored Tomos Straight intake, bored to about 15.5mm.

-Tecno Estoral exhaust. It is black, and it had been welded about 4 times, and it is now strong. It has small dents on the bottom of it from dragging it in the turns.

-Pirelli ML75 Tires. 2.50 tire in the front, 2.75 in the rear.

-The rear end is strutted, and has no rear shocks.

-Has pegs mounted on the rear shock bolts, to put your feet. Yery aggressive stance, yet comfy.

-Chrome Drop bars, nice.

-Anything not needed was removed, for different look, lighter weight. (No fenders, no fairing, no dash, no speedometer, fog light for headlight, no wire harness (lights are always on, with a push button kill switch), no rack, no turn signals, no mirrors, etc.)

-I drive this everywhere, and it is reliable for the amount of performance parts it has.

-The pain is spray paint, and it is not the best job, but it works.

-What you see is what you get.

I can get pictures when it is light out, Tomorrow.

I am in South jersey.

Make offers.


Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

how much are you asking? would you be willing to trade for a 99 targa lx with a technigas exhaust and only about 1000 kilometers/?? black in color!!! how much U asking?

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

keep the old kit on it, i dont care, and since its stripped bare , liek abosluty tnothing on it ill give you like 100-$150 or something

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

and its spray painted, but im looking for an old ped

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

Sorry, No trades.

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

$150? No thanks.

And its not stripped bare, it has what it needs. I have almost all of the parts to put this back together.

I can also build the same bike on a Red or a black Tomos Targa LX.

Your choice.

all have clean titles.

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

do u wanna sell me a frame with title and engine since u can build 2 almost, and if not then whas your price for the 92


Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

This sprint is in good shape and he rides it everyday, I think he should atleast get $600 to $700 out of it. He has put alot of time and parts into this moped and he just rebuilt the whole motor and he is putting on a new top end. It also has a kickstart bottom end and it looks like a race ped.

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

i would say 500$ is a fair price for it... only 600-700 if its an lx frame.

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

Like I said, I will be more then happy to put it in an LX frame.

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

pic pic pic?

Re: Black Tomos Sprint F/S

raining...., but I will try to get a decent picture.

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