84 Trac Engine $100

84 Trac Engine 676 miles on the odo. Clean , runs , It's still connected to the lower half of the frame with drive pedals and stand . Exhaust header crank arms and carb is included. Sorry I used the muffler and coil. Clutch cover is missing and magneto cover is too. I bought the complete bike as a total basket case , got it running in a couple of hours and then cut it up for the tank ,coil and wheels. (for those Trac lovers it's organs were donated to my Chopper/Bobber project) Oh I'll throw in the throttle and choke cable too - plus whatever will fit in the box to clean out my garage. Haven't shipped in a couple of years I imagine it's still the same , a pain!


Re: 84 Trac Engine $100

No, I can't guarantee exactly to the milisecond when you'll receive it at your doormat (I've read those threads ,you guys can get mean! ) But I will follow through to make sure you get it at your end. Give me a a zipcode and I'll check to see how much it'll cost.

Re: 84 Trac Engine $100

I'll take the belt for $20 shipped to 24060.

Re: 84 Trac Engine $100

Believe it or not I've seen people convert to a bicycle chain and sprockets .

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