Kinetic TFR - $499

Bought in 2004, less than 200 miles on it now, runs great. No time to ride and sick of moving it around the garage. Have all the papers and stuff for it.

Located in Dublin, OH. Can deliver within the Columbus/Marysville area with my truck but $$ in hand first.



Re: Kinetic TFR - $499


Also have a '87 Sachs with 505/1D & Biturbo for sale. Was running last summer but not now(needs a new chain and a few bolts). $300

OBO, of course.

Re: Kinetic TFR - $499

can i see a pic of the sachs?

Re: Kinetic TFR - $499


Kev - Sorry, I'll take some tonight

I'd also consider a trade for a street legal scooter, spree, aero, express, qt50, etc...

Re: Kinetic TFR - $499

any accesories on it? What kind of condition is it in?

Re: Kinetic TFR - $499

how much for the keg? lol jk =p

Re: Kinetic TFR - $499

Sachs Pic I


Sachs Pic II

sachs Pic II


Sachs Pic III

Sachs Pic III


Re: Sachs Pic III

...or $700 for both.

Re: Kinetic TFR - $499

Which one?

TFR: Nothing except two used turn signals I bought from someone here. However I just figured out you need a complete set of 4 for the switch circuits to work correctly, GD...

SACHS: Biturbo Muff, new clutch plates and piston ring, my blood sweat and tears.

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